“I Love the Smiths.”

November 18, 2009

i watched 500 Days of Summer the other night.

and even though i think it’s totally a chick-flick, it’s the kind of chick-flick that a gal could make her man-friend watch with her and he wouldn’t roll his eyes to his buddies the next day. he’d actually probably like it a lot, but he probably wouldn’t say it in those exact words.

he’d definitely like the soundtrack though. well, at least my kind of fella would like the soundtrack.



2 Responses to ““I Love the Smiths.””

  1. dannidupa said

    isn’t zooey the best? beautiful, great style, awesome husband, and roles in some of my all-time favorite movies! great piece on her.

  2. vindemiate said

    Great, great movie! And Zooey really is the best.

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