Adventures in Makeup

November 29, 2009

so, due to my recent obsession with the tv series Mad Men, i’ve been totally smitten with matte, red lipstick. like in-your-face mega-crimson. with no shine. i really feel very strongly about the shine-factor. anyhow, i’ve never been a lipstick gal (except for that unfortunate experiment with the very wrong shade of orangey maroon-ish lipstick in 10th grade. seriously, i look at my high school yearbook picture from that year and wonder a)if i somehow thought i was a chola and b)why on earth my mother didn’t forbid me to leave the house like that).

anyhow, back to what i was saying: i’m not a lipstick gal. i’m not even a gloss gal. i’m not a tinted lip-balm kinda gal either. i’m a vaseline-from-the-pot-onto-my-lips-and-call-it-a-day kinda gal.

but last night, i decided that it was time to step out of my comfort zone (you know you’re in a rut when wearing lipstick is a walk on the wild side) and slather on the red lipstick, blot until sufficiently matte, and take my ruby lips for a walk around the block. or in this case The Whiskey, to see some old friends.

i didn’t get any comments on my lip color, except from my best lady-friend who astutely observed, ‘Oh, you’re wearing lipstick!’ and then reassured me that i didn’t look like a total a-hole. i did feel acutely aware of the fact that i had something on my mouth. i kind of felt classy in a way, then thought about how my scarlet lips must’ve looked slightly less-than-classy wrapped around the neck of a Budweiser bottle. i’m not sure at what point the red completely wore off (for as committed as i was to trying something new, i was not committed enough to engage in periodic touch-ups in the ladies’ room), but it did somewhere between the beginning and the end of the night…

last night’s adventure in makeup led me to try something new. i thought it slightly sassy, a little more finished than i usually go for in the face-paint department, and totally channeling Joan Holloway. i did find something interesting about my little experiment–girls appreciate the red lip (or at least, some do) and boys are not all that into it. kind of a weird catch 22 though, because as my bestest lady-friend pointed out, drawing attention to one’s mouth is innately sexual, yet boys don’t want the same red lips kissing all over their, um…faces.

in conclusion, the jury’s out on whether i’ll continue the lipstick adventures.


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