Music Monday: The Break-Up Edition

November 30, 2009

on the tails of another break-up, i am inspired to take a stroll down memory lane with today’s Music Monday. and now ladies and gentlemen, i smugly and somewhat trepidatiously [editor’s note: yeah, that’s not a word, but whatever. this is my blog. deal with it.] present to you, My Romantic Life in Music Videos. (fyi–not all these are really the sad-schmoopy break-up songs, but rather songs that, for some reason or another, remind me of certain folks…)

First, there was Doug:

Then, there was Geoff (who was so memorable that he gets two songs):

Next up, Anthony:

Then there was several years of Single Sarah:

Then Tom:

And now, Adam:



2 Responses to “Music Monday: The Break-Up Edition”

  1. Adam said

    Jesus. The other guys really got screwed on songs. Disorder FTW!

  2. Christina said

    I love you.
    I thought I’d see Many Shades of Black on here for sure.

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