Dammit, Beaver!

December 3, 2009

did you see what i did there? wordplay? dammit? because like beavers build dams? get it? i’m so clever.

anyhow, we’ve been getting lots of rain in the Mid-Atlantic this fall and when you live in a coastal area, rife with tributaries, ponds, streams, and rivers, it can get a little…water-logged. anyhow, it hasn’t been TOO bad, but we have had some major drainage problems with a couple of the ponds that surround the roads right around my house. they fill up, and because of all the foliage that has fallen from the trees and is clogging up drainage pipes that go under the roads, things are a bit wet and muddy.

a week ago, the road that i take to get to the highway was flooded because of a pond. the county road folks “fixed” it, but the road was closed for 2 days while they did so. yesterday, i left to go to work and the road was closed again, due to flooding. i thought the road closure was a sign that the county was working on unclogging the drainage pipes again, but alas…

when i left for work this morning and saw no road closure sign, i optimistically thought the problem was solved.

until i got to the pond. that had flooded. and was rushing over the road. at an unsafe rate. at an unsafe level. and me in my little VW, close to the ground. yeah. not so good.

we’ve called the county a few times, and yesterday finally got through. the man on the other end said, rather begruddingly, “It’s those damn beavers! Keep clogging up those pipes tryin’ ta make a dam! And the tree-huggers won’t let us do anything about it!”

ha. i just don’t understand how something this cute can make such a goddam mess…


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