January 2, 2010

i know that new year’s resolutions are just a bunch of to-do lists that never really come to fruition, but i figure taking part in this weird tradition might actually not be a bad idea this year… and further–if i make my list really long and full of tons of stuff, perhaps the likelihood that i accomplish at least one of these things becomes greater and greater. who knows?

1. Stop swearing so much.

2. Work on my posture.

3. Work on my fitness.

4. Start listening to my gut instinct.

5. Make good choices.

6. Stop hating everything all the time.

7. Get into grad school.

8. Find a job I don’t hate.

9. Move out.

10. Find a city, find myself a city to live in.

11. Wear more interesting clothes.

12. Stop eating so much cheese.

13. Learn to like tea.

14. Get it together.

15. Cut back on the crying 50% from this year.

16. Stop thinking so much about my old life and focus on my new life. Even if it kills me.

17. Take Otis to the vet and get his nails cut.

18. Use eye cream every night.

19. Smile more.

20. Write more.

21. Read more.

22. Listen more.

23. Cook more.

24. Pay off credit card #2.

25. Go on a vacation. By myself. To somewhere not in the United States.

PetiteAbsinthe in Twenty-Ten.


2 Responses to “2010”

  1. Christina said

    I also would like to travel by myself. Why is that something we want to do? It seems that most people would like to share their travel experiences with someone they love or something. I want one all for myself.

  2. […] i get a kick out of the fact that my #1 from last year is also my #1 for this year. HA. anyhow, here is the OG post, and below is the list, updated with things that i did. 1. Stop swearing so […]

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