Wise Words from a Wise Woman

January 8, 2010

so today, in an attempt to stay warm, i say by the fire with my laptop and did some work. i also put on Oprah, whom i would never dream of hating on because seriously? what is there to hate? she’s a real lady. i don’t care if she’s the most arrogant woman ever. go on, girl.

annnnnyhoo, she was talking to some lady who recently found out that her husband (a surgeon) was essentially leading a double life. he was a dope-head who was diddling a bunch of other women, and oh–harvesting BODY PARTS ILLEGALLY AND SELLING THEM ON THE BLACK MARKET. some of the tissue was even from people with AIDs!

so, this lady is telling her story and talking about some “odd” things that she had noticed about her husband in the years prior to this discovery. Oprah listens, then tells her what someone told her, many years ago.

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

A wise, wise woman.

(that someone was Maya Angelou, whom i trust, adore, and admire…)


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