A (few) Day(s) Late, A Dollar Short: Music Thursday

February 4, 2010

it’s thursday. i was doing music mondays, but i keep forgetting and also, the only thing i care about doing when i’m not working is catching up on Dexter. so today, i’m posting music. all of this is completely unoriginal, as i have some delightful friends who have reminded me–in some form or another–of songs i like a lot. all cover songs, mind you. here we go…

Dr. Dog is nothing special, but they are totally listenable and delightful. This song makes me squeal like a school girl. (Also, this is what happens when hipsters take film classes as Freshmen…)

I was reminded of Nouvelle Vague by my bestie’s fiancee today. Delicious.

Whilst discussing our love of nouveau lounge tunes, Jamie Cullum came up. I could listen to this song every day and be happy.

While perusing Youtube’s catalog of Jamie Cullum videos, I came upon several cover songs that this glorious, delectable, British keys player has done. Rihanna, Gene Kelly, Kanye West, Jimi Hendrix, Justin Timberlake, White Stripes…is there anything this man can’t do? It would appear not.

…And just like that, my latest boy-crazy obsession is born…


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