Aural Perfection

February 19, 2010

there must be something in the water in Iceland. because there is noting that makes me feel as hopeful and blissed out as Sigur Ros and the folks who comprise it. if you don’t know Sigur Ros, do yourself a gigantic favor and download or buy or whatever you do to obtain music. and then find Heima and watch it in a dark room, on a gigantic television. trust me on this.

Jonsi has released a solo effort, and this song “Go Do” is breathtaking.

this is my favorite Sigur Ros song. i still kick myself for missing their performance in Chicago two years ago.


One Response to “Aural Perfection”

  1. All I can say is YES YES YES! I just can’t imagine the world without Sigur Ros. Oh God, how obsessive. But if there’s a band that’s worth obsessing over it’s these guys!

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