My New Favorite Thing

March 1, 2010

i’ve been really fashion-y as of late. that’s not to say that i’m particularly fashionable, nor that my outer exterior is reflective of any level of fashion, per se, but it’s that time of year: Fashion Weeks, and i’ve been reading because that’s what i do this time of year. i haven’t really spent too  much time perusing all the New York collections, but rather, i’ve been casually paying attention, here and there and would like to declare that Erin Fetherston is amazing. not only am i totally smitten with the bangs she put on every model, but she has a color palette that i adore, mainly due to an orange wrap dress that i would love to post here, but can’t seem to find the picture at this current juncture.

alas, i digress.

anyhow, today i stumbled across Terry Richardson’s Tumblr page. i am really into his work. it’s clean and irreverent and wholly consumed with pop culture–all things that i sort of associate with myself. (is it pretentious to consider oneself to be “irreverent”…?) so, Terry Richardson’s work is my new favorite thing this week. here are some of my favorites from his Tumblr page:


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