Music Monday: Holy Balls, I Love These Songs

March 8, 2010

i’m in the midst of the great PC transfer of 2010 wherein i’m reloading all my music and stuff onto my new fantastically awesome laptop, and consequentially, am re-discovering all sorts of awesome. like all of the punk albums i amassed during my stint as a the girlfriend of a hardcore musician in Baltimore in the late 90s. and die-hards won’t call these real punk because they’re a little shinier than say, the Stooges (be still my heart) or New York Dolls (seen ’em live, jus’ sayin’), but whatevs. i love this stuff. reminds me of some really great times and some really great people.

Bouncing Souls, “Hopeless Romantic.” 2 minutes of bliss.

Goldfinger, “Mabel.” this song reminds me of my childhood friend, Kyle, who passed away several years ago. we used to crank this on the way to high-school in the morning. such fond memories…

and just because, Goldfinger, “99 Red Balloons.” gosh i love this song.


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