Songs That Make Me Swoon

March 14, 2010

i’d forgotten about this song for a few minutes. thank god i found it again. this is the song that would be written for the girl in the movie when the boy loves her but for some reason, they aren’t together. and the boy is a musician or something and he composes this song on a rainy day in his studio space in a loft in some urban setting. like maybe seattle or portland or something. and while he’s singing, a montage of them flashes on the screen or something.

and yes, i have a very active imagination.

Say Hi, “The Stars Just Blink For Us”

i think i was born in the wrong decade. i wish i’d been born in the early Seventies so i could have come into my *ahem* womanhood listening to The Cure, wearing amazing leggings, leather, and bangs, and swooning for Robert Smith  (that actually doesn’t sound too far from me now, now that i think about it…).

The Cure, “Pictures of You”

despite the origins of this song entering my life, i still love it. twas via a boy who neither knew what he wanted, nor what other people wanted. and despite the dimples and the great-on-paper, there was so much else that went horribly, horribly wrong. maybe someday when i write my memoirs, he’ll get his very own chapter. *sigh* anyhow, this is a lovely gal named Meiko. and this is “Reasons to Love You.”

this song makes me happy when i am not. it’s my go-to. like sunshine and warm fuzzies in sonic form.

New Order, “Temptation”


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