Music Monday: Let’s Get Canoodley!

March 15, 2010

the make-out songs inspired me. here are some songs that are ultra sexxxy.

new favorite, “Ageispolis,” originally an Aphex Twin song, but re-done by some really fantastic boys from Chicago who go by the name Future Rock. they’re so much fun live and get more and more fun everytime i see them. this is a video from a hippie festival they played a couple years ago wherein they played an entire set of music by Aphex Twin.

Junior Boys make, far and away, the sexiest music ever. seriously. put on any of their albums (especially So This Is Goodbye) and just try to keep your clothes on. maybe it’s the sighing and coital sounds in the background that make this particular track so libidinous. “In the Morning.”

my ladyfriend and i were discussing The XX one day and she said that the music they make is akin to listening to people have sex. (to clarify: the people in question are obviously really good looking and intelligent and altogether perfect. you know, people you’d want to watch do IT.) “Intro” on their self-titled album is soooooo perfect and sooooo sexy. if only it were longer than 2 minutes…


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