So Here’s The Deal.

March 17, 2010

i have an unhealthy obsession in Lady GaGa.

so when i saw one of my favorite twitterers (is that a word?) tweet about a cover of “Telephone,” i got all kinds of excited. and while this is certainly no GaGa/Beyonce situation, this is quite nice. rather sunny and whatnot.

Pomplamoose, “Telephone”

and just because here is B and GaGa gettin’ it with “Videophone.”


4 Responses to “So Here’s The Deal.”

  1. Kaitlyn said

    I’ve probably watched the video 100 times in the past couple days, in addition to her older videos. I love her even more because despite the fact that most acts I want to see bypass this part of the country (and who could blame them) she is actually going to play Oklahoma City this summer. Dying. Must go.

  2. Abigail Breslen said

    Peep the Crookers remix.

  3. one step ahead of you. downloaded the entire mix album off what last night. and funnily enough was listening to the crookers mix and liked it. i liked it so much i twittered about it.

  4. Abigail Breslen said

    Its the least sounding Crookers track I’ve ever heard. Sounds like they were shootin’ for the next Now That’s What I Call Music volume.

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