I Went to a Show Once

March 25, 2010

…at Schuba‘s in Chicago and the Virgins were playing, with Ra Ra Riot opening for them. i love Ra Ra Riot, mainly because of the two gals who play string instruments and jam out onstage. anyhow, i was thinking about this show the other day and thinking about how much i enjoyed it, and how much i think other people may enjoy these bands. so, here are some songs that i like.

Ra Ra Riot, “Dying is Fine.” i love this song and i’m not entirely sure why, but i do. i just found out they made a real music video for it and that is also quite charming. here:

The Virgins, “Rich Girls.” okay, two things: this song was on Gossip Girl (two seasons ago, i think…?) and i loved that. (i’m a not-so-secret Gossip Girl fan.) secondly, this version of the song isn’t as awesome as the demo version. this is way more polished and not as gritty, and i sorta love that gritty quality to music. it doesn’t negate the fact that i highly enjoy this song, have a raging crush on one of the band-members (Nick), and find this song to be incredibly catchy and good to listen to on headphones whilst strutting around the city on a nice spring day.

oh, and just in case you were wondering, here is Nick (on the left). MEOOOWWWWW.

Nick is the babe on the left.


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