This Is Totally Going to Ruin My Street Cred

April 28, 2010

…but, i have a secret. a confession really.

I cannot wait to be like, in love and stuff. So many of my friends are and it sounds so rad. Seriously. Good stuff happenin’ there and I want in!!!

Also, I know I’m getting older and wiser because at one point in my life, being around serious, committed, monogamous couples was a total drag. Now, I really truly love to be around young couples who are just so right for each other. As grandma-y as this probably sounds: It’s so refreshing to see young people (ie, my friends) coupled up with seemingly perfect sig o’s. I really really love it. When I meet a new couple, I size them up a bit and in an instant I can tell if they’re one of the couples I’ll love and want to third-wheel around with.

And lastly, so as not to lead my readership into the misconception that I am, in fact, NOT a bitter old hag, what with these confessions of love and hope and joy…

Best Friend Forever is getting married in September. I dedicate this to her and Best Friend Forever Fiance.

I’ll be single gal by the bar, double fisting Pinot Grigio.


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