Songs of the Week

April 29, 2010

i heard this song on the college radio station in Baltimore, WTMD, and i love it. i loved it so much that after a few listens, i snagged the album. unfortunately, it would seem as though, despite the awesomeness of this particular song, the rest of the album sort of sounds like Dave Matthews Band… oh well. can’t win ’em all.

Mumford and Songs, “Little Lion Man.”

also, i was just talking to a friend about the new MGMT album and i was defending it, because i like it. i was explaining that i think it’s less like Oracular Spectacular, and then i started talking about the Time to Pretend EP, and how my favorite MGMT song is on that album. it’s called “Destrokk” and when i Youtubed it, i found out that not only does the song kick ass, but the video is AMAZING.

MGMT, “Destrokk.”


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