Summer Songs: Part I

May 2, 2010

pop music has slowly moved from a guilty pleasure to just a plain ole’ pleasure. there is some fantastic pop music out there right now, as long as you like hilarity and know how to have fun.

anyhow, when it gets warm (read: HOT) and humid (oh, Mid-Atlantic summers…) i am always transported to a place back in time…when i was 15 or 16, had a summer job and a little money in my pocket and just hung out with my girlfriends all the time. pools and beaches and drinking shitty cheap beer that we had somehow obtained in some illegal way. simply put: Summer=Pop music.

in honor of the first 90 degree day of Summer 2010 (it’s still technically Spring, but who’s counting…?), here are the first two songs that i’m officially declaring ‘Songs of the Summer,’ even though i’ll probably forget about them by mid-June.

Young Money (ft. all sorts of pop rappers, but most notably Lil’ Wayne), “Bedrock” [editor’s note: if you happen to have some hilarious friends with the white boy gift of gab, this is a fantastic song to make up your own words to.]

i feel like this next song should have it’s own post, simply because i am so.pumped. that Xtina is back. and eff the nay-sayers; it’s not that i don’t see the Gaga-ishness of this vid, but it’s more that i just don’t care. and seriously, if we’re really keeping track, let’s be real here: Xtina and Gaga would be nothing without the rogue pop stylings of Madonna.

Christina Aguilera, “Not Myself Tonight”


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