The Benefits of Baltimore

July 13, 2010

so, i live in Baltimore. and if you know me, you know that i have a total love-hate relationship with this city, partially because i’ve lived in or around here for the majority of my life. it’s smaller than i’d like it to be and it’s incomparable to my favorite city in all of the world: Chicago, so therefore i find myself wholly dissatisfied with Charm City for the most part. however–like a family member or a best friend, i do not take kindly to outsiders slandering this little port city, and i will surely defend this place with fervor.

so we have The Wire; great seafood; John Waters; claims to David Byrne, Frank Zappa, and Billie Holiday; and lastly, a burgeoning experimental music scene. it’s kind of random and largely out of the blue, but fact of the matter is: Baltimore is a city of bored weirdos. so what do bored weirdos do? they make weird music. and some of them do it really well.

next weekend is a weekend i have been looking forward to since returning from Chicago: Wham City’s Whartscape. to be frank, it’s a lot of bands i’ve never heard of, but the bands that i do know i am extraordinarily stoked to see. in all likelihood, i will see a few bands that i’ve never heard that i will hate, but also a few that i will love, and i will walk away from the weekend with a bit less hatred for the city i call home right now.

here is some music that i will see and am pumped up for:

Wye Oak, “I Hope You Die”

Beach House, “Silver Soul”

Spank Rock, “Rick Rubin”

Dan Deacon, “Baltihorse”

Xiu Xiu, “Save Me”


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