On Random Realizations

September 29, 2010

i was driving to work today, after getting hollered at by a construction worked with gold teeth on Light Street, (literally. i was stopped at a light with my window rolled down and next thing i know, he’s at my car, all ‘Hey girl! You’re making my morning great! Blah blah inappropriate unintelligent gold teeth blah.’) and i realized some stuff. stuff that–although present in my mind for some time now, i hadn’t really looked at in the way i was looking at it today. about relationships and boys and girls and successes and failures and achievements and goals and pasts and futures.

and everyone says that something “Hits you like a ton of bricks” in references to epiphanies, but this didn’t. rather, it settled in quietly, somewhat pensively. but not really. more apathetic than pensive. pensively apathetic? apathetically pensive? anyhow, it settled. no hitting like bricks, no smacking upside the head. nothing was big or noisy or sudden or mind-blowing. but it happened and it was there and it was present and it settled in and grabbed hold and i think that’s that. i think it’ll stick with me for a while. maybe forever. who knows?

it was surprising that something so relatively life-changing–or at least state-of-mind changing–could happen silently, calmly, and without production. usually that’s not how they happen.

now, here’s a song:


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