It’s Almost Halloween

October 26, 2010

i used to hate Halloween. i hated the dressing up, the tendency towards sluttishness in female costume, and just hated the whole spectacle. then last year, i was overcome with the urge to participate. and i did. i was freddie krueger and had a fantastically awesome time dashing around, flashing my claw hand and cocking my fedora with gusto.

and this year, i am dressing up as the man that started it all for me: Slash (my poor parents should’ve seen the writing on the wall, when a 7 year old version of me decided that Slash was both my idol and the man i was in love with). anyhow. i am SO PUMPED.

in honor of this most amazing man and his most amazing guitar solos, let’s all take a minute and allow the perfection that is “November Rain” soak in…


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