I Hate…

January 28, 2011

i’m in a real peach of a mood today. it blew in from nowhere and i was all sorts of weird. irrational, chaotic, overly sensitive, agitated… just basically full of piss and vinegar. normally, i would try to swallow it, hide it away, suppress it. but not tonight. i’m going to indulge it. the same way i just indulged in cheese fries and a soda. (take THAT, low carb healthy diet!). so without further ado…

1. I hate when a woman refers to her husband as her “hubby.”

2. I hate the framed 3D sonogram my coworker has on her desk of her unborn child.

3. I hate children in the workplace.

4. I hate being pushed for answers.

5. I hate my neighbor for allowing his gigantic Rottweilers to sit in outside and bark from 6am to God knows when.

6. I hate being told I should drink tea. I hate tea. I’m not going to drink it. It’s pretty cut and dried.

7. I hate when someone says “for all intents and purposes.” It’s nails on a fucking chalkboard.

8. I hate when people think I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to my job.

9. I hate females who perpetuate stereotypes of women being insecure about appearances.

10. I hate everything.


i think something’s in the air…


January 2, 2011

so i wrote my resolutions for 2010 in this little blog last year. i get a kick out of the fact that my #1 from last year is also my #1 for this year. HA. anyhow, here is the OG post, and below is the list, updated with things that i did.

1. Stop swearing so much.

2. Work on my posture.

3. Work on my fitness.

4. Start listening to my gut instinct.

5. Make good choices.

6. Stop hating everything all the time.

7. Get into grad school. [Editor’s Note: this is part way crossed-out because while i did not like, start my masters, i did start an ISD program at UMBC and then just last month i got my certificate in E-Learning and Instructional Design. so that’s nice.]

8. Find a job I don’t hate. [Editor’s Note: again halfway because i like the work i’m doing now much better, but i’m still at the same place doing the same job, so technically, nothing’s changed.]

9. Move out.

10. Find a city, find myself a city to live in.

11. Wear more interesting clothes.

12. Stop eating so much cheese.

13. Learn to like tea.

14. Get it together.

15. Cut back on the crying 50% from this year.

16. Stop thinking so much about my old life and focus on my new life. Even if it kills me.

17. Take Otis to the vet and get his nails cut.

18. Use eye cream every night.

19. Smile more.

20. Write more.

21. Read more.

22. Listen more.

23. Cook more.

24. Pay off credit card #2.

25. Go on a vacation. By myself. To somewhere not in the United States. [Editor’s Note: i’m going on vacation on feburary 21. to the virgin islands. with 20 other friends.]


remarkably, most of the things i had on my list last year are the things i was going to put on my list this year. so i guess that means i’m consistent, right? so, in addition to that little list up there, i’d like to add the following:

  • be patient
  • figuring out what i do want, since i am 100% on what i do not want
  • make this year memorable as EFF
  • move back to Chicago

welp, that covers it. let’s do some stuff, 2011.

Mogwai just announced plans for a new album, out in early 2011. they also announced some US tour dates for the spring.

see for yourself.

and now, the only thing i care about listening to is this. all day. sheer bliss.