it’s valentine’s day next week. and even though i’m kind of whatever about it this year, i’m going to make a post about it. i was just looking at something–what exactly escapes me right now–and i remembered a series of street art murals done by Steve Powers in Philadelphia sometime last year (i think) that i really loved. it’s called ‘A Love Letter for You’ and they are the sweetest little blips themed around…love. so, in honor (for lack of a better phrase…) of the approaching consumerist holiday, here are some sweet signs of love, courtesy of Steve Powers.


Heart Swelling Beauty

June 30, 2010

Admittedly, I’m chronically late to the proverbial sonic party. I never claim to be the edgiest gal, musically speaking, of course. I’m okay with that too. Except when I find something that adds an exponentially awesome level of amazingness to my life and I feel like I’ve been missing out on being truly fulfilled upon said discovery.

The Joy Formidable has done just this to me.

“The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade” makes my heart swell and makes me want to fall in love and run through national parks in a movie montage, holding onto my lover’s hand, glancing back coquettishly at the camera, and occasionally pausing to be thrown up against a tree or something and share a feverish, yet somehow innocent kiss.

…but, i have a secret. a confession really.

I cannot wait to be like, in love and stuff. So many of my friends are and it sounds so rad. Seriously. Good stuff happenin’ there and I want in!!!

Also, I know I’m getting older and wiser because at one point in my life, being around serious, committed, monogamous couples was a total drag. Now, I really truly love to be around young couples who are just so right for each other. As grandma-y as this probably sounds: It’s so refreshing to see young people (ie, my friends) coupled up with seemingly perfect sig o’s. I really really love it. When I meet a new couple, I size them up a bit and in an instant I can tell if they’re one of the couples I’ll love and want to third-wheel around with.

And lastly, so as not to lead my readership into the misconception that I am, in fact, NOT a bitter old hag, what with these confessions of love and hope and joy…

Best Friend Forever is getting married in September. I dedicate this to her and Best Friend Forever Fiance.

I’ll be single gal by the bar, double fisting Pinot Grigio.