This is Important.

January 30, 2011

Let the Right One In is probably the most lovely, sweet, gory, and perfect movie i’ve seen. i want to watch it over and over again, and i want to hug it and hold it and lie next to it and talk to it and tell it secrets and listen to it and just really be totally in love with it.

i also love Sigur Ros in a really deep and profound and lovely way.

this tribute video is important.


“I Love the Smiths.”

November 18, 2009

i watched 500 Days of Summer the other night.

and even though i think it’s totally a chick-flick, it’s the kind of chick-flick that a gal could make her man-friend watch with her and he wouldn’t roll his eyes to his buddies the next day. he’d actually probably like it a lot, but he probably wouldn’t say it in those exact words.

he’d definitely like the soundtrack though. well, at least my kind of fella would like the soundtrack.