February 15, 2010

it snowed a lot here in the DC/Baltimore area recently. maybe you heard about it. a few friends from the wonderfully wintery city of Chicago asked me several times if it really was as bad as everyone was making it out to be. one girl asked how many inches. a more appropriate question would’ve been ‘How many feet?’ anyhow, it snowed an exorbitant amount in the past week. here is a pretty cool little time-lapse of the 72 hours of snow hell we had…

oh, and ps, as i write this, it’s snowing. again.


hello there. it’s monday. and here are some things that i hate:

See that purple dot in the middle that means 12+ inches? Yeah, that's dot is right over my house. Bitchin.

also, this makes me want to hit stuff and yell really, really loudly.

Vampire Weekend Covers Rancid’s “Ruby Soho.” Fail. Mega-fail.

Some Thoughts

December 21, 2009

  1. the sound of otis purring–like really really purring–makes me so happy that i feel like my heart might burst.
  2. jim beam is the only thing powerful enough to get me to sing karaoke. and consequently, put me right to sleep.
  3. my competitive spirit in things like board games and card games probably detracts from my otherwise sparkling and charming personality.
  4. some people should not own dogs. ever.
  5. as into girl power and sisterhood and all that stuff as i am–i gotta say, sometimes girls make some really, really, terrible, awful decisions. generally, these decisions have to do with boys. now i’m not saying i’m innocent here, because i’m certainly not, but ladies: SHARPEN UP! some of you are making some very poor decisions and/or not using your noggins very much. let’s keep in classy, smart, and sassy.
  6. i still hate my job.
  7. maryland is lightyears behind chicago in terms of dealing with snowfall. maryland is also lightyears behind chicago in neighborliness, chivalry, and helpfulness. when a girl is attempting to dig her car out of the snow WITH A BROOM and there are at least 10 grown men standing around digging their cars out with shovels and relative ease, OFFER SOME ASSISTANCE. i’m not asking for you to dig my car out for me, but maybe offer your shovel that you aren’t using. or something. sheesh.
  8. i am fully capable of digging myself out of the snow with a legit snow shovel. when i pulled out of my parking spot in less time than all those grown men, i felt a surge of liberation. self-sufficient sarah in the house. heeeee-eeeey.
  9. things that shouldn’t matter sometimes hurt my feelings a lot.

Winter-y Miss

December 6, 2009

it snowed in the Mid-Atlantic yesterday. actual snow too, not even like, “a dusting” or reports of flakes falling. real snow that you could see on the trees and on the ground and that i can still see this morning (though, 40 degree temps and lots of sun are working hard to eliminate the memory of our first snowfall of the season).

last night, i took the dog out for a long walk. it was nice and quiet, and really slushy. but we walked and played and looked at christmas lights on the houses and stuff.

and then it made me think about Chicago. sadface.

everyone says Chicago is best in the summer (and it totally is), but it hit me last night that i’m really going to miss the winter too. i mean, don’t get me wrong, the bitter cold of last january (you never really know what -17 feels like until the bus is late and you are standing at the bus-stop waiting…) was a bit much, and by march, you want to snow to go away and you’re tired of wearing layers upon layers. but i really am going to miss it this winter.

here’s what i’m going to miss the most:

1. The Mag Mile before Christmas. Yes, it’s ultra-touristy. And yes, it’s cliche and crowded and kind of stressful. But walking through throngs of out-of-towners who’ve come to the city to Christmas shop is kind of…festive in a way. The lights near the Watertower are pretty too. I mean, I’m kind of opposed to grotesque displays of Christmas cheer, but I’m a sucker for lights. Really, I am.

2. Snow for Christmas. Not really much to elaborate on here. Christmas is better with white stuff on the ground. Bottom line. And for some reason, the midwest at Christmas reminds me of holiday movies. Lights, snow, people all bundled up–it’s light Christmas movies in real life, all the time.

3. The Comraderie of Winter. After the first big snow or the first really cold day, Chicagoans are all on the same level. We were all freezing, standing outside, vying for spots under the heat lamps at the El stop, waiting for the morning train. We all were stuggling through 3 feet piles of snow on street corners in the loop. We all knew it was inevitable that we were going to slip and fall in the snow or worse–the gray slush–at some point during the season. And we all knew that coat-check season was upon us. The season of taxis instead of long walks, and the season of coming home from work on a Friday and not having the energy or the desire to bundle back up and go back outside to party. I’m going to miss that.

4. Public Transportation in Inclement Weather. This is really simple. I live in the country now. There are no buses or trains. I have to drive everywhere. And this area is notoriously god-awful at cleaning up after snows–even minor ones. Ugh.

5. SNOW. I grew to love the snow, even if it became tiresome after 4 days of non-stop snow. I want it back so badly. So, so, badly. mega-sadface.

This is where I used to live.