Music Monday: Songs by Boys

January 4, 2010

i’m totally all about chicks that rock, but recently, my appetite for boys who make music has been revived. so, here are some boys that make music that i like:

i’ve been listening to this Marquee Moon on repeat today. holy fuck, the title track never ceases to be anything less than so goddamn awesome.

Jose Gonzalez is just so lovely and perfect.

i caught the Arcade Fire rerun of Austin City Limits this weekend and was reminded that i love this band so, so hard. and like, i know there’s chicks in the band, but whatever. this song is so incredibly powerful.

David Bowie once performed the song above with the Arcade Fire, and here he is performing with another boy who makes (really, really great) music:

in keeping with the David Bowie theme (i really should’ve just done an all David Bowie Music Monday…), here is Mott the Hoople, performing a song written by his Thin White Dukeness. i like this song for several reasons, but mainly because it appears in Clueless when Cher is doing a voiceover introducing her high-school, and the group of skater boys come walking in slow motion down the sidewalk. (yeah, i have the whole memorized, what?)


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