I’m Feeling Lazy

January 12, 2010

…so instead of posting any of my own brilliantly unique musings, i am going to tell you that you should go to these websites for funny, interesting, or otherwise mildly to highly entertaining stuff:

Stuff Hipsters Hate (new fave)

Shmitten Kitten (I think I’d like to go grab a cocktail or seven with the ladies who write this site)

FoodGawker (culinary porn)

Scanwiches (I’m not sure why I love this so much, but I check this religiously)

Watsourced (my friend Kaitlyn has the exact opposite life I have and I love her for it; I also am ridiculously intrigued by the level of environmental awareness this woman has)

LaydeeNerd (my friend Xtina and I share a brain; it’s both fun and disturbing)


One Response to “I’m Feeling Lazy”

  1. Kaitlyn said

    Aww thanks for the love, boo. And thanks for the FoodGawker link–there is such a thing as a recipe for homemade samoas!?!? Suddenly the world is a better place.

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